A Beginner’s Guide To Eastwood’s Bench Top English Wheel

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A Beginner’s Guide To Eastwood’s Bench Top English Wheel

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There are some pieces of shop equipment that border on magical when in experienced hands. One such item is an English wheel. We’ve all seen photos of a veteran craftsman creating everything from a simple patch panel to a complete body, and making both look easy. And while such displays are impressive, they are also intimidating. Not wanting to make the substantial investment in a large piece of equipment that may require talent one may not possess, most homebuilders put English wheel ownership out of their minds—but we may have answers to both concerns.
When it comes to affordability Eastwood’s Bench Top English Wheel retails for under $500. While bargain priced it comes with everything a beginner needs: a fullsize 8×2-inch wheel and 3 1/4×2-inch anvil with a 5-inch radius mounted on framework fabricated from 2x3x0.187-inch cold-rolled steel. The 20-inch throat and 18-inch internal height make it large by bench-top standards.

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