Thick smoke as another fire at Olusosun dumpsite envelopes O

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Thick smoke as another fire at Olusosun dumpsite envelopes O

Новое сообщение Jennermack » Ср апр 18, 2018 10:23 am

Police take over motor-park, arrest 80, recover toy gun from site
One month after the fire incident at the Olusosun dumpsite in Ojota, Lagos State, another fire broke out at the dumpsite yesterday affecting some vehicles and property in the area. The fresh inferno has left residents in deep panic.
Thick, dark smoke smoldered out of the dumpsite, enveloping the Ojota axis while residents around Ojota motor parks, Oregun, Motorway/7UP communities, among others, scampered to safety.
The smoke was oozing out from different burning sections of the dumpsite enveloping the atmosphere, spreading across to the DayStar Church, Motorway Building, 7UP/ Mobolaji Johnson road, Billing way, among other adjoining areas.

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