Relogging in Legion content cancels flight form

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Relogging in Legion content cancels flight form

Новое сообщение Jennermack » Пт апр 13, 2018 5:34 pm


When you log out in the air in flight form and log back in the flight form tends to cancel and you're just harshly dropped no matter what.This has been happening for a while now and when you're logging in not looking at the window you get to pay gold for repairs. Not fun.This is probably a bug that's easily missed as not everyone plays druid, not all of them have flight in legion content yet, and not every time does one choose to log out flying. Few may have dismissed it as a one time thing due to this as well. I saw this coming up on the us forum but obviously wasn't able to comment on there.Not sure what could be the cause but it would be sth worth looking into maybe?

Please help.

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