Hand tool recommendations

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Hand tool recommendations

Новое сообщение AlexAmery » Вс июл 01, 2018 10:52 am


I'm in the market for some great hand tools and I'd like some advice about which ones to get.
I'd like to get the following:
- A pretty damn good set of screwdrivers. I don't need tiny little watchmaker sizes nor do I need monstrous 18" long ones, but I'd like a nice variety of sizes in between.
- A set of sockets. Probably 1/4" drive, although some 3/8" would be nice for the larger ones.
- Some assortment of combo wrenches, a crescent wrench or two, etc.
I'm sick of cheap tools that round off or break (yes, break-- I once had a socket from Target snap in two while removing a bolt on my car), but I can't exactly afford to spend $1k for a set of Mac or Snap-On tools.
Are there any great alternatives to Craftsman that won't break the bank like Mac and Snap-On? It looks like there are some decent ~$250 sets from Craftsman that would be overkill for what I need, but I have been hearing increased concerns over the brand's quality.Any suggestions?

Please help

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Thank you
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